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The INK Learning Institute Learning Community

An Innovative Educational Partnership 

The INK  Learning Community offers a unique opportunity for parents and INK to work together to home educate your child.  At INK, we honor and respect parents goals and desires for their child's education. With a focus on the spiritual, social, emotional, academic, and physical development of our students, we provide a positive learning community where children are free to explore and discover each day. 


Our mission is to cultivate an environment where children can develop the greatness our Creator instilled in each child lead to learn and grow within The INK Learning Community.

We are homeschool parents with a heart for nurturing the next generation of world changers.  As such, we endeavor to develop each child's faith in God and in their belief in their power to create a world worth living in for themselves and those who will come after them.  Our goal is to demonstrate, through our daily walk and talk, that belief in self aligned with faith in God's divine plan for each life, creates opportunities to be God's hands and feet on the Earth.


To provide an engaging learning environment where children can discover their abilities and find where their unique giftings intersect with a need in the world.

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