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Happy Hearts + Healthy Minds

Does your child have difficulty managing his/her emotions? 

Do you find yourself worrying that your child is just not acting quite like themselves? 

Does your child refuse to follow directions of parents, teachers, caregivers, and others in authority more often than not? 

Do you worry about your child's interactions with peers? 

Do you find that your child is self-isolating and/or more anxious than usual?

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Learning to Live

Happy+Healthy Lives

If these questions, or questions like these, are top of mind for you, there is help!  Happy Hearts + Healthy Minds works to help you and your child discover the why behind the behaviors you see in your child.  We work together to reframe how children think, process and thereby experience the world around them. 

Happy Hearts + Healthy Minds provides individual and family counseling for children and their families. We work with children 5-18 years of age who are dealing with:




A Lack of Motivation 

Oppositional Behaviors

Appropriately Expressing Emotions

And Other Behavioral and Emotional Challenges








Contact us today to schedule an appointment: 614-584-2916

We are here to help you and your child lead happy and healthy lives!

Individual and family teletherapy services are offered through Zoom Video sessions.  Sessions are 50 minutes in duration and typically occur one to two times a week. 


All services are private pay only.  A sliding scale fee is available.  No insurance payments are accepted.

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