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The Kindergarten Homeschool In A Box TM contains all the resources needed for your child's Kindergarten year. (5-7 years)

  • Educational Books

  • Learn To Read Book

  • Kindergarten Workbook

  • Bible

  • Essentials Pack

  • Math Learning Tools

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Build Your Own Kindergarten
Homeschool In A Box TM

Learning Focus Kindergarten
Homeschool In A Box TM


High Frequency Words 

Consonant Vowel Consonant Words (CVC)

Beginning Sounds Middle Sounds

Ending Sounds

Consonant Blends


Long + Short Vowels



Printing Numbers 

Addition + Subtraction Even + Odd Numbers

Skip Counting

Identify Number Words 

Telling Time Basics



School Readiness

Identify Colors

Identify + Draw Shapes 

Cut Out Objects

Sorting Objects  

Spatial Positioning

Identify Opposites +


Language Arts

Write/Spell Full Name

Write Entire Alphabet Write/Spell High

Frequency Words

Write/Spell CVC Words

Learn Sentence Basics


Parts of The Body

Organs of The Body

Digestion Process

Breathing Process

Skeletal/Muscle Systems

The Brain

Growing + Healing

Social Studies

American History

USA Geography

American Landmarks

National Parks

USA Terrains 


Explore Various Art Techniques

Different Art mediums

Famous Paintings

Famous Artists

Produce Art Projects



Produce Rhythmic Sounds

Follow Patterns

Learn Children's Songs


Homeschool IN A Box(1).png

*Substitutions may be made.  The owner is an Usborne Books and More Consultant and will receive a commission for books purchased through the INK Book links. Sizes of books vary.  Pictures not to scale.

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