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Technology and Homeschooling

I am usually the type that loves to hold a book and read it. There really is nothing like the smell of books! But, this year, we are taking advantage of more technology in our homeschool.

During our weekly library trip, our 6 year old really wanted to get a specific book. The book was not available in hard copy, but our local librarian found it online. She recommended the app called Libby to check out books from the library. I had heard of this feature being available, just never used it. Like I said, I love books!

Well, we get home, I download the app, link my library card and the 6 year old is checking out books within minutes. He read them and returned them. No loading up the kids, trekking to the library, searching through the catalog, locating the right shelf only to find the book that was supposed to be there isn't. It was so easy and fun for him to search for his books.

Another plus? Prior to using the Libby app, I could not get him to read a chapter book. On his tablet, he is on chapter 3 of a book he selected and checked out from the library while sitting in his moon chair in the school nook/playroom! I am really enjoying watching him find joy in reading again.

The Libby app also allows you to select the type of browsing the reader can do by offering several audience settings. This put my mind at ease a bit because it does limit children from being able to search for books for adults. I still wish it had a more limited browsing setting for small children, but that's what I'm for right? I pay attention to the books and read them with him for extra monitoring.

The Libby app is a great addition to our homeschool this year. Hard copies are still number one, for sure. At the same time, you can't beat the convenience of the app. If you've never tried it, give it a try. You've got nothing to lose and lots of time to save.

Happy Homeschooling!


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