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This workbook has been designed to incorporate learning in your preschooler’s day in a fun, organized way.  You will find daily activities to complete with your child. 


The activities provide opportunities for the practice of alphabet, colors, shapes, letter formation, tracing, gluing, or pasting and scissor skills. 


The ABC Preschool Workbook is customizable.  Focus on activities that match preschoolers’ interests or growth areas.   


Activities are designed to teach in 30-minute blocks of time.  There are 2 activities per letter available for 3 days a week. 


The 4th day is reserved for the practice of Colors and Shapes  The 5th day is reserved for the practice of Tracing, Cutting, and Pasting Skills. 


All 26 letters of the alphabet are introduced in uppercase and lowercase form.




Preschool Reading Workbook

  • This product is only to be used for personal or classroom use for one teacher. 

    No commercial use of any kind is allowed.  Reproductions or copies are prohibited.

  • This is a Digital Product.  Once purchased, it can not be returned.  Please contact us if there is any concern with the product.

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