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Feelings Charades

Explore emotions with children of all ages with this list of scenarios.  Appropriate for individual sessions or group activities.  Children can identify the emotion and how to manage the emotion in a positive manner.


To use with a group:

  1. Cut each scenario and picture out
  2. Divide the students into groups of 3 or 4
  3. Provide a scenario and picture to one member per team
  4. The member with the scenario can act it out for the other team members to guess
  5. Use a timer to determine when time is up
  6. If the team guesses the scenario within the time limit they get a point
  7. Extra points for the team sharing how they would positively manage each scenario
  8. If the team does not guess correctly, the other team has a chance to guess and get the point
  9. Now, it is the other teams turn



Another way to use the scenarios is to have the team member draw the scenario on a whiteboard for their team to guess or give the children the option of acting or drawing the scenario.

Feelings Charades

  • This product is for one (1) home or classroom use for one (1) teacher.  Please do not share this product with other teachers or individuals.

    No commercial use of any kind is allowed.  Reproductions or copies are prohibited.

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