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The Kindergarten Homeschool In A Box TM contains all the resources needed for your child's Kindergarten year. (5-7 years)

  • Educational Books   272.84

  • Learn To Read Book  10.99

  • Kindergarten Workbook  15.99

  • Tiny Truths Bible  22.99

  • Essentials Pack  69.99

  • Math Learning Tools   9.99


Kindergarten Educational Books

Very First Reading Box Set (15 books)  69.99

Wonders Of The USA Shine A Light  12.99

Wipe Clean Adding  7.99

Look Inside Your Body 14.99

My First Guitar Book  24.99

Wipe Clean Start Spelling 7.99

Human Body Shine A Light 12.99

Human Body and Book Jigsaw Puzzle  14.99

Wipe Clean Subtracting  7.99

History Uncovered: The USA  24.99

Famous Paintings  9.99

Wipe Clean Ready for Reading Phonics  7.99

First Book About The Orchestra  18.99

Wipe Clean Telling The Time  7.99

Art Treasury  19.99

Wipe Clean Common Words To Copy 7.99


Reading Book

Learn To Read With EP  10.99


Kindergarten Workbook

The Essential Homeschool Kindergarten Workbook  15.99


Children's Bible

Tiny Truths Children's Bible  22.99


The Essentials Pack-Kindergarten 69.99


Glue Sticks


Color/Shape Flashcards



Counting Chips


White Drawing Paper

Construction Paper



Dry Erase Board

Sticker Booklet

Water Paints

3 Ring Binder- 2in.


Homeschool Case

Certificate of Completion

Addition Flashcards

Math Flashcards


Learning Tools

Math Learning Tools  9.99


KINDERGARTEN: Homeschool In A Box

  • All Digital download products are non-refundable due to the nature of an electronic document.

    Returns not accepted for school supplies. Contact us with any concerns regarding school supplies.

  • In the rare case that a book is shipped to you damaged, please notify us upon receipt.   Usborne books can be returned for credit or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

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