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The Preschool Homeschool In A Box TM contains all the resources needed to lay a solid academic foundation for young learners. (2-4 years)

  • Educational Books

  • Alphabet Workbook

  • Math Workbook

  • Bible

  • Essentials Pack

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Build Your Own Preschool
Homeschool In A Box

Learning Focus Preschool
Homeschool In A Box TM

Reading Readiness

Learn the Alphabet Song 

Letter Identification

Letter Sounds

Letter Formation

Trace Letters

Number Basics

Learn to Count to 20

Number Identification

Learn to Count Objects

Number Formation

Trace Numbers

School Readiness

Learn Colors

Shape Identification

Cutting Skills

Tracing Skills

Sorting Objects

Safe Use of Pencils, Scissors


Learn correct pencil position

Press to produce

markings with pencil

Press to color on paper


Parts of the Body

Seasons and Clothing

Learn about Foods

Five Senses

Daily Hygiene

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Social Studies

Body Movements

Home Environments

Community Places

Learn Daily Routines

Identify  Feelings

Identify Family 

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Explore Animal Shapes

Practice Pen Control

Follow Layered Directions

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Produce Rhythmic Sounds

Follow Patterns

Learn Children's Songs


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Homeschool IN A Box(1).png

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*Substitutions may be made.  The owner is an Usborne Books and More Consultant and will receive a commission for books purchased through the INK Book links. Sizes of books vary.  Pictures not to scale.

Call us: 614-584-2916


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