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Welcome To Saturday School With Ms. India!

*Preschool for the eager to learn 2-5 year old on Saturday mornings.   I cover all the foundational information your child needs to know to be Kindergarten ready!

*Kindergarten for the 4-6 year old on Saturday mornings too!

$54 Monthly Membership   

Next School Session Begins:  October 2022                                       

Happy Girl

Students will have fun learning all the info! 

  • letters

  • numbers

  • counting

  • number sense

  • phonics

  • scissors skills

  • pre-reading skills

  • reading skills

  • addition

  • subtraction

  • science

  • social studies

  • art

  • music

How Will I Engage Your Child And Teach These Awesome Topics?

Reading with Magnifying Glass

We will Become
Young Scientists!

Exploring and Learning all about the world around us!

We will Let Our
Creative Sides Loose!

Create and learn how things work with the power of the craft project!

Arts & Crafts
Virtual Dance Class

We will Get To
Moving and Grooving!

We will get up and shake our bodies to the beat of all the rhythms!!

Yes!  Our Curriculum is Kid-Friendly!

Our Research-based curriculum is appropriate for use with our little learners.  They will enjoy the academic challenge while learning at their own pace.

Join Us LIVE on ZOOM 

1st Saturday of the Month:
Kindergarten Class 9-9:50 AM
Preschool Class 10-10:50 AM


Receive access to a New Pre-Recorded Class on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturdays

Flexible Pre-Recorded Classes!

You decide when the time is best to turn on the lessons for your child!  

Siblings Watching TV

Students receive a Welcome Kit in the Mail! 
$50 Registration Fee due at Registration

Girl Reading and Laughing
Little Boy with Crayons
Kid Cutting Paper With Scissor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do parents have to be present with the child during the class sessions?

    • Parents will need to log their child into the Zoom Classroom for school.  However, parents are not required to remain with the child in the classroom.  ​

  • What platform will be used for classes?

    • The Zoom platform will be used for the LIVE classes. 

    • Children will need to keep their cameras open and will be muted upon entry to the class.  The teacher will unmute students for discussion as needed.

    • A password will be provided for the classroom.   ​

  • What are the other required fees for Saturday Kindergarten and preschool?

    • There is a yearly, non-refundable registration fee of $50 due at registration.

  • Are children allowed to have friends attend the school with them?

    • No, our class time is dedicated to providing instruction for the registered children. Class sizes are limited due to the age of participants. ​

  • Are children allowed to eat lunch or breakfast during the class?

    • Having taught over 3,000 online classes, I have learned that it is difficult and a choking hazard to speak while eating.  Please have children eat lunch and snacks prior to or after school.

  • Can my registered child have their sibling attend school with them?

    • While siblings will be home and may enjoy our class time, only one child per camera is allowed.​  Having taught classes with more than one child using a camera, it is very difficult to distinguish who is speaking and what is being said.

    • A sibling discount of $15 can be applied to a second or third registration.  Siblings are required to use a separate device.  The school classroom can be accessed from phone, tablet, ipad, laptop and/or desktop. Please contact the school to have sibling discount applied.

  • How are payments made for school?

    • The yearly registration fee and monthly tuition are payable via Venmo: @India-Keith.  Or, here on the website.  After the initial first month tuition and yearly registration fee are paid here in the Storea monthly invoice will be emailed the 20th of the month prior to the new school month. Monthly tuition is due by the 1st of the month.

Saturday School Banner.png
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